Valerie + Bossuet’s Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York

My Dear Karyn, Bossuet and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the many hours you spent with us throughout the planning period and the execution of our wedding at Oheka Castle on Saturday, July 14, 2018. Every aspect of the wedding was spectacular! We would just like to be able to relive that day over again and enjoy it all over again. Your excitement, dedication, attention to detail, uplifting spirit, and creativity show you to be a master of your craft. In our opinion, no one can do it better! Again, we thank you for maing our wedding day, that special day of our lives, truly, a day to remember!

Love always, Valerie + Bossuet

Carrie + James’ Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York

Dear Karyn, We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us. You really went above and beyond!! Everything came out perfectly and exceeded our expectations. Our guests are still raving about the entire wedding down to the smallest detail. You really brought Oheka Castle to live that night and we are so grateful. We could NEVER have done this without you! P.S. James still thinks you are the most patient person he has ever or will ever meet, *wink wink*.

With love, Carrie + James


Shopify Build A Business Week-long Event from Wall Street- NYC to Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York


Karyn was a dream come true to work with. She was our saving grace while planning, organizing, and executing a week-long event that served as the prize package for an entrepreneurial competition. In no time at all, she completely understood what we were trying to achieve, and came up with dozens of incredibly valuable and luxurious ways to give our winners the experience of a lifetime. Not only are Karyn and her team incredibly reliable and professional, but on a personal level Karyn is the ideal choice. I can’t stress enough how vibrant, enthusiastic, determined, and loyal Karyn has been throughout this entire process. You need to work with her and her team to fully understand what I mean, but I can assure you that you will not regret it. Thanks again Karyn, to you and your team, for everything you did for us.”

- Courtney Symons - Shopify

Working with Karyn to prepare for our wedding was such an incredible experience for us. Our wedding planning started out overwhelming for my husband and I, but as soon as we began working with Karyn everything turned around.

Karyn is so talented with impeccable taste for every single detail. She had a keen ability to see our vision and seamlessly work with all our vendors to create and bring our dream wedding to life. Not only did she know how to make our vision and dream a reality, she also found ways to enhance it. We wanted the wow factor, and we certainly had it!  The execution was beyond what we would've imagined, and her team was just as incredible!  People are still talking about our wedding one year later and how wonderful it was to see a bride and groom that really enjoyed ourselves. We didn't have to worry about a thing! Our wedding was a fairytale, and with the trust we were able to put in Karyn, we were actually able to enjoy it!

As an involved bride with a very big wedding, I loved working side by side with Karyn. She brought me so much ease up until the very last second of my day.  

- Amanda G.

Melissa + Daniel's Wedding at The Bourne Mansion - Oakdale, New York

Karyn really is THE BEST! Hiring Karyn Michael Events will easily be the best decision you can make for your wedding. She added so much value from day one. Our guests raved that it was the BEST wedding they've ever been to. I may be slightly biased, but I have to agree. There are a few things that make Karyn exceptional...first off, she is a true visionary and event designer. She knew our wedding vision better than we did...she literally pulled it out of us just by seeing some insipration photos and asking a series of questions. Second, her dedication/passion for this stuff is unparalleled. She will not stop until things are perfect. We went through many iterations to get to just the right place. Her high energy and positive attitude keep you going until everything comes together. Karyn's demeanor is so consistently confident, cool and collected. If there is ever a 'problem' which there inevitably will be, you want Karyn by your side. She can and will handle it. Also her professionalism is above and beyond. Despite how busy she is, she is the most responsive person that I know. That makes a huge difference when you're stressing over wedding planning details. Lastly, the vendors that she works with are the BEST. She knows quality and the connections she has are superior. Ultimately the end product was a jaw dropping, beautiful, perfectly executed wedding. We feel blessed that we got to work with Karyn. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ❤️.

Melissa O.

Alexis + Shane's Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York

We hired Karyn to be the wedding planner for our daughter’s wedding in May at Oheka Castle in New York. Our daughter lives in Pennsylvania and we live in California. Due to the distance, we were only able to meet with Karyn in person a few times, but she did an excellent job of making the most of those visits. Most of our communication was by email or phone. Karyn was very available and responsive. All of her suggestions and recommendations were fantastic. Karyn is a great combination of straightforward, understanding, hardworking, funny and professional. Many of our guests told us that the wedding was by far the best wedding they had ever attended. For our family, it was a magical day that we will never forget. Karyn and her team did a wonderful job of bringing it all together. We highly recommend Karyn Michael Events.

Michele T.

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As a guest, I had the opportunity to observe Karyn first hand executing an event.  I was immediately impressed with her performance and professionalism and that of her staff.

When we started to plan Jessa's party, we immediately fell in love with Oheka "Castle" which was the perfect venue for my "princess".  As I left the castle that day, I saw an amazing canvas to create a spectacular event.  I also, at once, realized there was no way I was going to be able to do that by myself.  Remembering the spunky event planner I witnessed in action only a few months earlier,  I knew Karyn Michael Events was to be my partner in implementing this special vision.

I called Karyn, she asked a few insightful questions and we met a few days later.  From that first conversation, I knew if anyone could pull this off, it would be Karyn.  She was easy to talk to, down to earth, funny and spoke not just to my vision, but took the time to understand my anxious fifteen year old as well.  She had the ability to blend the business of the planning process with the fantasy we envisioned.

Over the next 8 months Karyn acted as the consummate guide on my road to the unabashedly admitted "over the top" event.  She knew absolutely everything about every vendor worth considering.  She knew performance, pricing, negotiated best pricing and service.

She worked hand and hand with three of my long time vendors; pushing everyone to sheer perfection.  When I went a little crazy, she reeled me back.  She was always there no matter when or where.  I always felt she had our best interests at heart.  One of my favorite trips with Karyn was into Manhattan to meet with Christina at Bridal Reflections -  I was a little concerned about presenting an overwhelming selection to my young daughter.  Karyn said don't worry this will be fine'.  Fine?  It was amazing.  After another brief conversation, almost magically the most perfect dresses appeared.  Magic!

Karyn provided the most remarkable personal service.  She was always there.  She responded to my texts at 2 in the morning.  She ran all over LI to find the perfect pink "fairy" globes for the garden extension to the cocktail hour.  She found a harpist at the 11th hour when I wanted one for the enchanted forest transformation of the lobby.  She even took home the very pretty, but annoying dirty, finches I had to have for the natural forest sounds.  She contracted a waterfall to project photographs in the middle of the ballroom.  On and on and on, and did I mention she engaged Grucci; I am telling you there is absolutely nothing that this woman cannot do!   The event photographs speak volumes about the details that went into transforming various parts of the Castle into the multiple scenes and experiences we envisioned.

I may have gone on for too long, but there is simply not enough that can be said about Karyn.  If you want personal, intimate, insightful planning combined with flawless execution, there is no one better.

P.S. We are working with Karyn again on a simple, simply elegant wedding.

- Roberta S.

Helene + Kyle's Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York

Karyn Michael Events was absolutely incredible in helping design & plan my wedding. I have no idea how the day would have possibly gone off without her. She figured out every weakness and immediately found ways to work around them. Her ideas with respect to decor were so creative and well thought out. It’s clear she put a lot of time and effort into making our day exactly what WE wanted. My only regret is that I hired her after I already had most of my vendors in place. The vendors I ended up being unhappy with were the ones I picked on my own, before I hired Karyn. All vendors who were brought on board by Karyn or with her approval were amazing. She knows what she is doing, is sweet, professional, tons of fun, and will make your wedding everything you want it to be and so much more! I cannot recommend her highly enough!

- Helene M.

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Figen + Joseph's Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York

My husband and I were married at Oheka Castle in September. Karyn was HIGHLY reccomended to us by a couple that had also been married at Oheka the year before we were so we knew it was a must to meet her. From the initial contact we had with Karyn by phone to the first meeting at her office, late on a Sunday night to accomodate our hecitc schedule, I knew that she was absolutely the perfect person that was going to help bring our event to life. From the first moment we met, Karyn quickly helped us sketch out a vision for what we wanted from our wedding experience. Out of the gate, she handled all contract negotiations with Oheka, as she had extensive experience with this venue as well as a professional who was incredibly well respected by their busiesss office. There were details and possibilities available with the contract that I would never have known about on my own. Once the venue was set, we immediately began working on the design and details. My vision was to use Oheka’s backdrop and gold coast history as the stage to bring a vintage, Gatsby-esque vibe to life. Karyn completely understood what I wanted and quickly began curating the most stunning, mind-blowing components and details to achieve this vision. She spent countless hours with me on every single detail...from travelling to NYC to meet invitation designers to hunting to find the right musical ensemble to fit this vision. Her commitment to finding the EXACT, MOST PERFECT everything is unmatched! Karyn and I quickly built a bond that helped her to really understand and see what I wanted, what my style expectations were, and what my priorities would be for the event. She EXCEEDED my expectations in every possible way and went above and beyond every single time! There was never a time that Karyn wasn’t available to speak with me, text me, respond to an email, give me candid advice, help me to make a difficult decision, evaluate every details, show me the universe of options and possibilites on details, and even go so far as to really support me when the process got emotional, too. Our wedding is still being talked about among our friends and families as the most magnificent wedding or event that any of them have ever been to and ever expect to attend! Her capabilities can easily be seen in her magnificent portfolio of events, one more incredible than the next. She is always ahead of the trend and her creations are always the talk of the industry. What I hope this review has done is told the story about who she is - an incredibly professional event designer, a true visionary, a make-it-happen go-getter, a stop-at-nothing genius, a briiliant event executor and world-class star! I will always be grateful to Karyn for the masterpiece that she created for us and the memories that will last us a lifetime!!!

- Fig A.

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Jhoanna + Michael's Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York


I was reluctant to hire a wedding planner, specially since once I started looking I saw reviews of many in the tri-state area that seem way too pricey for the services they offered. Thank goodness for my husband who made me realize that planning a wedding in less than 8 months was a challenge. We needed lots of help with and lots of expert advice. From the first meeting Karyn made all of our ideas seem possible, and she also made us realize what truly worked best for us. Our wedding was perfect, needless to say a year and half later we still keep in touch with Karyn and she has become a friend who we will always keep in our lives. We now have a 3 month old baby boy and my husband is already talking about celebrating his 1st birthday and would love to hire Karyn once again to make it memorable. Karyn goes far and beyond to please, but also she allows your wedding to be a reflection of who you are as a couple and she guides you with her creative skills and the end result is simply a day to remember. I will always thank her for helping my husband plan a wonderful surprise for me on our wedding day. She found the signer of the father-daughter song per my husband’s wishes and they flew him in and had him sing the song at our wedding; needless to say tears of joy were shed and when I asked my husband about the surprise, he simply replied “Could have not done it without Karyn”.

- Forever happy, Jhoanna G.”

Elizabeth + Kenneth's Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York


Karyn’s services were invaluable. She thought of things we never would have leading up to the wedding. Her professional help allowed my husband and I to enjoy every moment of our wedding and not worry about anything else! Karyn is an organized, professional planner that I would recommend to anyone! She saved the day!

-Liz M.

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I don’t know if I can fully put into words how amazing Karyn was throughout the wedding planning process as well as its execution, but I’ll try. Hiring Karyn was easily the best decision we made for our wedding. My husband and I were torn about hiring a planner, but when we sat down with Karyn we knew instantly that she would bring so much to our day. From recommending vendors, creating timelines, helping with DIY projects, always being there to bounce ideas off of, and so much more she truly gives you her all. She completely put our minds at ease over all the details, big and small. Our wedding was absolutely amazing and it was largely due to her. If you’re thinking of using a wedding planner I wouldn’t use anyone else. She is professional, knowledgable, resourceful, innovative and has a killer personality to top it all off. I couldn’t imagine our wedding without her. Use her-you won’t regret it!

- Diane A.

Elizabeth + William's Wedding at Oheka Castle - Huntington, New York


Dear Karyn, I can’t even thank you enough for all of your help with our wedding. Thank you for your time, your patience, and your attention to detail. From the invitations, to the flowers, to the programs, escort & menu cards and so much more.  Everything was beyond perfection. And of course, most importantly, thank you for being there on our wedding day and allowing me to relax and enjoy the day knowing that you had everything under control. You made the entire wedding planning experience so much more enjoyable and less stressful for me, and I am so grateful.  

- Elizabeth and Bill M.

Dylan + Nicole's Wedding at Bourne Mansion, Oakdale, New York

Dear Karyn, For the past few days (and I’m sure more to come), Nicole and I have been recalling the events of our wonderful day. We are truly blessed to have had such a beautiful wedding on such a perfect day. All of the planning and hard work came together seamlessly and the end result was simply breathtaking. There is not anything that I would have changed about our wedding. We keep getting compliments on how amazing the wedding was and how incredibly beautiful the venue, so I feel that I must extend a compliment and my sincere gratitude your way since you were very much a part of it. You really went above and beyond and helped fine tune all the details. Everything went smoothly and flawlessly and we could not have done so without you. Thank you very much for your help, patience, love and support.

- Best, Dylan and Nicole

Cassandra + Jim's Wedding at Bedell Cellars, Southold, New York


What can we say about Karyn that hasn’t already been said. She is an amazing person and a true professional! Karyn was responsible for putting together the most beautiful weekend wedding my wife and I could ever ask for. Every single detail was perfect, she helped connect us with the best Chef on the East Coast in Tom Schaudel, she dedicated countless hours of her time to pull every single detail together without question, she put fires out left & right without us having a hint so we both could maintain our focus during our wedding. Karyn is the best event planner one could ever ask for; our wedding invitations and favors were designed by Karyn which had our guests raving how unique and beautiful both were. She connected us with a top notch photographer Millimeter Photography, and was dedicated to making sure each and every detail went flawless leading up to and the day of our wedding. Our wedding couldn’t have been anymore perfect; both my wife & I owe much of this to Karyn, her vision and her dedication. We recommend Karyn Michael Events humbly, if you need a planner, make sure you get in touch with Karyn Michael Events, you will be extremely satisfied!

- Jim P.

Lauren + Joe's Wedding at The Mansion at Glen Cove - Glen Cove, New York

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and early on in the process, my husband and I realized that it was a lot for us to handle. We both work long hours and it seemed that planning a wedding would be another job. We wanted to enjoy the process and not feel the pressure and anxiety that so many couples experience when planning a wedding. Also, being a bride who had lost her mother meant the process would be considerably emotional and I knew that I needed help. On the recommendation of a friend, we hired Karyn to assist us in planning and designing our perfect wedding day. It was the best money we spent on our wedding. Karyn helped us navigate through vendors, negotiate contracts, plan menus, create the feeling and atmosphere that we wanted. We worked with her for a year and she became my trusted advisor and friend. There was no task too big or small that she wasn’t there to help with. When I panicked, she answered the phone and calmed my worries. When I needed to vent my frustrations, she was there to lend an understanding ear. She does so much more than just provide a wedding planning service. Our June wedding at Glen Cove Mansion could not have been more perfect. I am honest about my perfectionism, and even though he won’t admit it, my husband is a perfectionist too. There was not one facet of the wedding that I regretted or would’ve changed. The floral design, menus, favors, linens, up lighting, cake, everything was executed perfectly. I spent the day completely relaxed and at ease and knew that every detail would be handled. If there were any issues, I sure didn’t know about them and they were resolved. The entire wedding weekend was executed perfectly and my husband and I received nothing but rave reviews from even our pickiest of guests. After 3.5 years and many, many friends getting married, stressing and fighting, having vendor issues, sleepless nights, even running around on their own wedding days to set things up or correct issues, I realize that having hired Karyn was the best decision we made. Although many doubted why we needed a planner, we certainly understood when we saw how beautifully everything came together and ultimately, how happy we were on our wedding day. After all, isn’t that all any bride and groom wants? So, while most brides say they would never again plan a wedding, I can’t undertand that feeling. It was wonderful and that was because of Karyn. The process, the day, she lifted all the usual stresses and it was the best experience I could have asked for.